Hotel Visegrád
Hotel Visegrád
Address Rév u. 15.
2025 Visegrád

The four-star family-owned property is located in the centre of Visegrád, next to the Danube river. It features 73 rooms, a spa area with in-door and out-door swimming pools, jacuzzi, saunas, steam bath, etc., several conference rooms (the largest being 220 sqm), a bowling alley, a restaurant and a bar. They offer free WiFi, business center and spa for our guests.

About the town of Visegrád

Visegrád is one of the smallest towns in Hungary, situated on the picturesque Danube Bend, yet it has an enormous amount of beauty and sight.  

Perfect place for a good outing, it is also popular with medieval castle enthusiasts and is not a last resort either for those who want to relax. The proximity of the Danube and nature which is surrounding the city gives an atmosphere that is unmatched in the area.

Visegrád’s history

The city, which is not far from Budapest, is popular not only with people living in the neighborhood but also the whole country. Indeed, this has always been the case: the name of the city is mentioned as early as 1009, but there were fortresses there during the Roman era too, and it used to be the residence of Hungarian kings in the Middle Ages.

Due to its favorable location, Visegrád has always played a key role in the life of the country. The earliest traces of man, however, date back to the New Stone Age, but we can even find artifacts here from the Bronze Age. However, Celts, Germans, Romans, and Avars also turned up here. Here,  the Sibrik Hill was once the most important fortress of the Danube limes, which was erected during the time of the Great Constantine.

When we think of Visegrád, it is primarily the castle that comes to our mind. Only a few know that there was once a castle that was destroyed during the Tartar invasion. The known castle system was at the instance of Mary, wife of King Bela IV. The city became very important during the Anjouk when the construction of the royal palace on the city’s main street began. Soon after, it became the king’s main site.

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